Two roads diverged in a wood and I — I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference. ‘Robert Frost’

Panda Dao is just 10 days away from completing 3 months and what a rollercoaster it has been.

What has been done successfully :

ShopKart is an online digital marketplace where consumers can spend cryptocurrencies to purchase products with various benefits.

ShopKart will allow direct purchases at lower rates from Amazon, eBAY and Aliexpress. Also, ShopKart is building own marketplace with various categories of products and benefits like no other marketplace offers.

The most fair launchpad on BSC is geared for released in first week of May.

Rewarding the community is at the heart of Panda Dao and while deciding the tiers for the community, we have taken note of the same to rewards all segments of users anyhow.

Below are the…

We are proud to start DimSum farming from 12th April, 14:00 UTC.

DimSum farming is all about sustainable Yield farming and the protocol itself will reward long time holders.

Total Maximum supply : 1,465,715,301,576

Current Circulating Supply : 560,276,451,576

Farming Rewards : 555,569,280,000

Synthetics Creation Q3 : 300,000,000,000

Community Treasury…

“Liquidity mining is a network participation strategy in which a user provides capital to a protocol in return for the rewards over a period of time.”

We are proud to announce 3 Billion PDAO rewards to liquidity providers over the next two months.

There will be two pools with different…

“What makes Blockchain revolutionary, are the connected data blocks and what if you can track value of every asset on Blockchain and speculate on ?”

In Part 1 of the series, we learned that Synthetics via blockchain can track the value of traditional finance assets by reflecting them digitally on…

“Build and Grow the projects that will have maximum impact”

The below chart reflects the current state, and it will keep on growing over the years if we look historically on macro levels.

When defining money, it is not just the physical money we should consider, every asset that there…

“From small beginnings, comes great things”

Welcome to Panda Dao, we are on a journey to build great products for the community, where the we want to reward the community by being one of the lego box of DeFi on Binance Smart Chain.

Panda Dao is the incubator based on…

Panda Dao

We are building DeFi products for the community on Binance Smart Chain!

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